Resource Library: Free Forms & Templates

Fundraising – Finding People to Ask

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed. One of the first steps in fundraising is to identify individuals who might contribute to your nonprofit organization. Here is a form that will help you do this: Finding People to Ask, Qualifying Your Prospects. View or Download: PDF or Word format First, review lists of fundraising prospects (individuals, foundations and corporations)…Read More

Sample Nonprofit Executive Director Position Description

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed. The Executive Director is the key management leader of _______________. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors.  GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) Board Governance:…Read More

Sample Director of Development Position Description

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed. Here is a description for the Director of Development position.  This role is commonly the chief fundraising position at a nonprofit organization. POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Development is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all of ________________’s fundraising including, the major gifts program, annual fund, planned giving, special…Read More

Characteristics of Board Members

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed. Following is a sample memorandum listing some ideal characterisitics of board members. M E M O R A N D U M XYZ Health Clinic TO:       Board Nominating Committee FROM:  William Moran DATE:   November 30, 2007 RE:       Attributes for New Board Members We discussed the following attributes for new…Read More

Nonprofit Board Retreat Agenda

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed. Nonprofit boards should gather once a year to review the past year and plan for the coming year.  This may be done at an off  business site such as a board member’s home.  If done in in a 3-4 hour session, this can serve as a fun gathering. Following is…Read More

Codicil to Will Form

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed. A codicil is an amendment to one’s original will. It can be used to make simple additions or amendments, such as adding or removing an executor, or including a charitable gift to a not-for-profit organization. Each codicil must conform to the same legal requirements as the original will (e.g.,  signatures of…Read More

SWOT Analysis Form

by William J. Moran, J.D., M.S.Ed.   Use this form to solicit feedback on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your nonprofit organization. SWOT Analysis Survey Instrument Strengths. What do you perceive are strengths of the ___________________ organization? Weaknesses. What do you perceive are weaknesses of the organization? Opportunities. What do you perceive are…Read More

Corporate Rating Worksheet

By Scott Sheldon, CFRE Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation 480-882-6985 Scott Sheldon, author of Effective Corporate Fundraising: Strategies for Success, rates the likelihood that a corporation will make a gift to your organization. View or Download Corporate Rating Worksheet: PDF or  Word Format   Want more articles like this delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for our…Read More